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  • 347 million users
  • LinkedIn referrals were responsible for 2/3 of all social media traffic to business websites
  • Average household Income: $109,703
  • 50% of users are business decision makers in their companies

 What Should You Post on LinkedIn?

  • Interesting and relevant content – this will position you as an industry expert and give people a reason to connect with you.
  • Blog posts – Bring your latest blog posts into LinkedIn. This is a powerful way to engage your connections with material you’ve written.
  • Events -Promote your events by using the LinkedIn events application.

How Often Should You Post?

  • Up to once a day
  • At least once a week
  • Morning and midday, Monday through Friday

Engagement Tips for LinkedIn

  • Groups – Keep up with topics of interest to you and use this as a way to network with others in your field.
  • Be proactive -Gain visibility by adding connections, posting regularly, and engaging your potential clients.
  • Keep your profile public – increase your rank with search engines by making your profile public and customizing your public profile’s URL to include your actual name



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