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You do not need to give us a password in order to connect your existing social media to Social Starter. Instead, we ask you to add us as administrators to your pages, which lets us post to them. Here’s how to add us as an administrator to your social media pages:

Facebook Business Page

Important: In June, 2021, Facebook began rolling out its “New Pages Experience.” The new experience changes how admins are added. Some business pages have already been converted to the new experience, while some retain the classic interface. If you are not sure which experience you are viewing, we recommend trying the instructions for Classic Pages. If they don’t seem to apply to your page, then proceed to the instructions for the New Pages Experience below.

Instructions for Classic Pages

1. Visit your business page while logged into Facebook.

2. Click on Page Settings from menu on the left of your screen.

3. You should now see the Page Settings screen. Select Page Roles from the left menu.

4. On the Page Roles screen, look for the heading Assign a New Page Role. In the text box, enter: ben.mchugh.7106 . As you type, you should see a box appear with the Martindale logo and the name “Benjamin McHugh.” This is our social media management account. Click that box. Make sure to select Admin from the adjacent drop-down menu. (Please do not give us editor access! We require admin access to connect the page to our service.)

add ben.mchugh.7106 as admin

5. Click Add to the right of the text box. You may be asked to enter your Facebook password to approve the changes.

Instructions for the New Pages Experience

1. Visit your business page while logged into Facebook.

2. You may see a message “Switch into ____’s page to start managing it.” If so, click Switch Now.

3. Click the button labeled Manage, which is located towards the top of the page, on the right side.

4. A menu will appear. Select Page Access.

5. You will be redirected to the Page Access screen. Next to People with Facebook Access, click Add New.

6. A box may appear with a short explanation of Facebook page access. If you see it, click Next.

7. You should now see the Add New screen, with a search field to look for users by name or email. In the field, enter: ben.mchugh.7106

8. As you type, an account named Benjamin McHugh will appear in the results. It will have the red Martindale logo for a profile picture. This is our social media management account. Click on that result.

9. Click the toggle switch Allow this person to have full control. (Please, do not give us task access! We require full control to connect the page to our service.)

10. Click the button labeled Give Access.

11. Please let us know this is done so we can complete the process on our end.

Linkedin Company Page

1. Visit your company page while logged into Linkedin. (If you don’t know the address to your company page, click the Me button in the upper right corner and look for your page at the bottom of the drop-down menu. It will have the format “Company: Your Firm Name”)

2. In the upper right corner of your company page, you may see a button that says “View as admin.” If you see it, click that button. If, instead, you see a button that says “View as member” then you are already in admin view.

3. Click Admin Tools in the upper right of the screen, and select Manage Admins. 

Admin Tools > Manage Admins

4. That should redirect you to a page with the heading “Admin Roles”. In the upper right part of the screen, click the button that says “Add admin.

Add Admin

5. A dialog box titled “Add page admin” will appear. In the field labeled “Add new admin by name…”, begin typing Bruce Wolansk An account should pop up below where you type, with a photo of a book and the title “Social Starter Assistant at Martindale-Hubbell.” (Bruce is one of the accounts we use for Linkedin.)

Screenshot of Adding Bruce Wolansk

6. Click on Bruce Wolansk and select the Super Admin role. Then click Save in the lower right of the box.

Screenshot of Save Button

Google My Business

1. Sign in to https://business.google.com

2. If you have multiple My Business listings, you will see them listed after logging in. Click on the business name to view the My Business dashboard. If you just have one My Business listing, you will be redirected to the dashboard after logging in.

3. From the menu on the left side of the screen, select Users

4. A box labeled Manage Permissions will pop up, and you will see an icon (two people with a plus sign) in the upper right corner of the box. Click that icon.

5. When prompted to enter the email of the new user, please enter [email protected] Select Manager from the list of roles below the email address.

6. Click Invite.

7. Notify us when this is complete so we can accept the invitation on our end.


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